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Stop Desertification

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Stop Desertification

Object of the project is to stop proceeding desertification by the application of soil conditioners in combination with innovative cultivation measures and adapted plant species. The Hoogen group is involved in various research projects and cooperate with national and international partners of drought affected, arid and semi-arid regions.

Based on greenhouse trials and field experiments in the United Arab Emirates, we develop innovative soil conditioners that increase water and nutrient availability in soil. This facilitates the establishment of cultivations and improves plant growth. Another objective is to develop economic alternatives for the application in economically weak regions.

The foundation "Stop Desertification" is in the course of formation.




BAtroS - Development of Soil Conditioners and Application Technique


In the research project BAtroS, funded by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research, innovative soil conditioners are developed and evaluated in greenhouse and field experiments. The objective is to allow/improve plant growth under extreme edaphic and climatic conditions. At the same time, the soil conditioner should allow the economization of the resources water and fertilizer.


Additionally, innovative techniques for the application and the incubation of soil conditioners into soil are developed within the project. This technique will be adapted to the particular soil conditions of the region Lusatia. However, a guideline will be elaborated, that transfers the results to other applications.


You can get further information on the homepage of the project  BAtroS in the area Teilprojekte, Modul 1, TP1.1 (only in German).





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RenERgEuReg: Renewable Energy Resources - A Solution for the Sustainable Development of two European Regions


The main objective of this project within the seventh framework programme of the EU is to enhance the capacity of CENTRU (AGENTIA PENTRU DEZVOLTARE REGIONALA, Romania) and Brandenburg Regions and of its regional stakeholders in planning and using the local and regional renewable resources as a solution for a sustainable economic development, in the context of the new knowledge-based economy, by promoting the innovation and strong connections between research and economic environment as a regional policy.











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